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General Information

  • In order to renew your certification, you must complete the continuing education (CE) course during each July 1st to August 31st period.
  • For Brokers WHO ARE designated as broker-in-charge,must complete the Broker-in-Charge CE courses.
  • A person who is issued a broker certification (either by examination or reinstatement) does NOT have to take continuing
    education courses during the certification period in which the certification is issued.

Active Status Vs Inactive Status

  • In addition to any certification requirements in order to perform any brokerage service for others for a fee (including referrals for which you are compensated), your certification must be on active status, which means you must obtain all required continued education each certification period.
  • If you renew your certification without satisfying the continuing education requirement, your certification will automatically be placed on inactive status until you satisty the CE requirement for certification activation.
  • Courses must be Taken By August 31st.
  • Continuing education must be completed each annual certification period between July 1 and August 31st.

Don't Wait Untill Last Minute

  • Avoid the rush at the end of the certification period (July 1st to August 31st). You will have a better chance of finding space available if you take your CE courses early. You will avoid the possibility of an unexpected conflict(illness,death in family,business emergency,etc) preventing your from acquiring the required education by August 31st.
  • Extension of time to acquire CE while continuing on active status will be granted only in those instances where an individual is unable to obtain CE in a timely manner due to an extreme hardship which existedfor a substantial portion of the certification period.
    Example might include an individual with an incapacitating illness for as substantial portion of the certification period. You should submit the 'CE Extension Request Form' to the Commission well in advance of the August 31st deadline for CE.

Facilitator Seminar

  • The New Facilitator Seminar (NFS) is an all-day workshop that was developed to help prospective real estate facilitators be better prepared for the uniue challenges of teaching the Commission's broker Pre certification and continuing education courses.
  • The NFS attendees will recieve (1) an overview of fthe Commission's education, examination , and certification programs; (2) an introduction of the Commissions's requirement and expectations and expectation for course facilitators; (3) course resource for effective facilitation and classroom management skills; and (4) an appreciation of the facilitator's pertinent role in the real estate education process.
  • Attendance is a requirement of the facilitators approval process.
  • The seminar will be conducted in the Commission's building.
  • No continuing education credit is offered for attendance in the New Facilitator Seminar.
  • Registration Fee is $85.00 includes all seminar materials, tea and snacks. Lunch is not provided; a one-hour lunch break is scheduled from noon to 1.00 pm.
  • To reschedule to a different session date of this course, please go to Facilitator Seminar Rescheduling.
Training Locations
E Plaza 2 Building
Osu Badu Street Dzorwulu