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About Us

Main Focus Of GAR

  • GAR's main focus is to protect the public interest in real estate brokage transactions. We aim to ensure that certified personnel are competent and morally fit to act as real estate brokers. GAR's core responsibility would include efefctively administering, monitor and improving the quality of the certification examination program, and the post certification program.
  • Through GAR's intensive training both individuals and broker offices would benefit from performance based results, business growth and sustainability. GAREB would also embark on assisting broker offices in assessing and solving real estate challenges. GAR's training policies would extend to the planning and implementation of real estate solutions to address business objectives related to their customer needs and overall experience.
  • Ghana Association of Real Estate Agents combines extensive knowledge of industry trends, business processes, market research and analysis, property evaluation, business development, consumer response and quality control.

More About GAR

  • GAREB staff work as a team to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the current real estate market. The Ghana Association Of Real Estate Agents (GAR) team is continually gathering intelligence and conducting market research to gain insights, identify new trends and be prepared to assist GAR growing portfolio of qualified real estate agents and brokers.
  • GAREB is a best practices company of experienced Professionals who are adept at conducting research that designates solutions to aid in the acceleration of a positive real estate market. The foundation for all services is our intensive real estate course.
  • The success of real estate professionals is depended upon our ability to provide performance based results which leads to business, knowledge and sustainability.
  • GAREB is consistent in honouring our corporate values in fairness, accountability, integrity and teamwork. We believe in transparency which leads to minimization of fraudulent activities withing the real estate scope.